J.J. Cale – 1976 Album: Troubadour #jjcale

“Troubadour” is the fourth album by US Blues Rock artist “J.J. Cale” from 1976.

Eric Clapton covered “Cocaine” on his 1977 album Slowhand, turning it into one of his biggest hits. He would later cover “Travellin’ Light” on his 2001 album Reptile, this song has also been recorded by Widespread Panic.

01. 00:00 Hey Baby (3:13)
02. 03:13 Travelin’ Light (2:51)
03. 06:04 You Got Something (4:01)
04. 10:05 Ride Me High (3:35)
05. 13:40 Hold On (1:59)
06. 15:39 Cocaine (2:50)
07. 18:29 I’m A Gypsy Man (2:43)
08. 21:12 The Woman That Got Away (2:53)
09. 24:05 Super Blue (2:42)
10. 26:47 Let Me Do It To You (3:00)
11. 29:47 Cherry (3:22)
12. 33:09 You Got Me On So Bad (3:18)

J.J. Cale: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Billy Puett: Saxophone
Dennis Good: Trombone
Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar
Gordon Payne: Guitar
Reggie Young: Guitar
Bill Boazman: Guitar
Harold Bradley: Guitar
Chuck Browning: Guitar, Drums
Bill Pursell: Keyboards
Don Tweedy: Keyboards
Bobby Wood: Keyboards
Tommy Cogbill: Bass
Joe Osborne: Bass
Bill Raffenspeger: Bass
Charles Dungey: Bass
Kenny Buttrey: Drums
Farrell Morris: Drums, Vocals
Buddy Harmon: Drums
Karl Himmel: Drums
Jim Karstein: Drums
Kenny Malone: Drums
Jerry Allison: Percussion
Audie Ashworth: Percussion
Gary S. “Flip” Paxton: Vocals

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