Hot Tuna Burgers (1972) full album #burgers


Burgers is the third album by Hot Tuna, the Folk rock off-shoot of Jefferson Airplane members Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, and Papa John Creach, released in 1972
1. “True Religion” Jorma Kaukonen 4:42
2. “Highway Song” Kaukonen 3:14
3. “99 Year Blues” Julius Daniels 3:58
4. “Sea Child” Kaukonen 5:00
Side two
1. “Keep On Truckin'” Bob Carleton 3:40
2. “Water Song” (instrumental) Kaukonen 5:17
3. “Ode for Billy Dean” Kaukonen 4:49
4. “Let Us Get Together Right Down Here” Rev. Gary Davis 3:27
5. “Sunny Day Strut” (instrumental) Kaukonen 3:14
The first studio album after there 2 live recordings, and is an absolute classic Jorma was very much developing his own sound towards the end of his time with Airplane and this album shows his genius. I adore the Airplane and would put the first 3 Tuna albums in the same class they are truly excellent.
This album is up on here in tracks form but to save ppl the wind up of playlists etc I thought I would put it up in full. Having recently got out my old record player I was reminded of the majesty of this album and wanted to spread the joy.

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