Damu The Fudgemunk- How It Should Sound Volume 1 & 2 (Full Instrumental Album) #hiphop #jazz #jazzhiphop


0:00 Start Here
1:47 Another Introduction
4:48 Tea Thyme
7:30 Clap & Form Your Soul
10:18 Figment
12:09 Home Seek Home
14:05 Straight From The Harp
16:25 Rock Climbing [Byte 1]
18:06 It’s Called The Chill Out
20:08 Gone With The Sunset
23:00 Bills Be Gone [Pawt 2]
24:15 Only One Me
27:57 Judgement Day
31:27 Dream Catcher
34:24 How It Should Sound
36:36 You Know Who!
38:50 Movin’ On
41:17 Not So Young Anymore
43:30 Fabrega’s Discotecas
46:34 Gestation
49:09 Don’t Fail Me Now
51:50 Man With Bindle [Pawt 1]
53:07 Hogs On The Hill [Pretty Sneaky]
55:47 At Your Request [Spinna VS Joc]
57:39 It Wasn’t On Earth
1:01:19 Boomerang Luck
1:04:24 Gettin’ & Steppin

Damu the Fudgemunk (born Earl Davis on June 8, 1984, in Washington, DC) is an American hip hop music artist and producer from Washington, DC. In addition to his career as a…

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